The courses consist of topics, which are subsets of modules and provide a structure/theme for course assets. They can be viewed on the left sidebar. Your progress is visible via the icons to the right of the topic and asset names.

In this example, "Getting Started" is the topic and contains four assets, three of which have been completed.

You can also review your course progress by clicking at the top of your lefthand sidebar. 

To complete course content 

When finished reviewing course material, click "mark as complete" at the bottom of the page to change the status of the content to "complete".

  • If you don't see a "mark as complete" button, bar the course content is not required to be completed.

Remember that required activities have a "Mark as Complete" button that you will need to click on once you finish reviewing the material.

Here is a video explaining how to view your course progress and what required and optional activities are: 

In case the video is not loading, you can find it here