Champions have access to reports that allow them to track the progress of learners in their organization. 

Learner completion

Champions can use this report to view learners’ completion progress. It shows how many activities/points out of the total required for course completion the learner has gone through. It can be used to follow the learners' general performance throughout a course and identify learners who have completed the course.

Learner overview

This report gives an overview of each participant’s progress throughout the course. 

Learner details

Champions can use the Learner Details report for more granular information about learners— when they were invited to create an account and if they accepted it; last activity and total number of sign ins; and number and names of courses for which they were provisioned and enrolled in.

Learner course activities

This report provides detailed information on learners’ activities within a course. It shows the actions (viewed, created or completed) a learner has performed for each activity. The learner activities report can be used to track learners interaction with specific course activities.

Watch this short video to learn how to best use these reports: 

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