Facilitators have access to course specific reports - Participants, Learners Overview, Reports, Learner Engagement 


This report shows how many activities/points out of the total required for course completion the learner has gone through. It can be used to follow the learners' general performance throughout a course and identify learners who have completed the course.

Learners Overview

The Learners Overview provides an overview of participants' progress throughout the course and highlights activities that need facilitator's review . This report updates once a day at 12:00am Eastern Africa Time. 

You can find more details on how to mark required task assets and discussions as completed here


This report shows the actions (viewed, created or completed) a learner has taken for each course activity. This report can be used to track learners' interaction with specific course activities.

Learners Engagement

This report provides information on learners’ engagement within a course. In this report engagement is measured based on: assets viewed, participation in discussion, completeness (course completion), and login frequency.